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All You Need To Know About Continuous glucose monitoring System

People who have high intolerance towards glucose suffer from diabetes which can lead to a lot of health issues if it is not properly treated. So diabetic patients always need to monitor their blood sugar levels and keep their diet in check.

Continuous glucose monitoring

The person cannot have sugar beyond a certain level and the limit is far less than that of an average healthy human being. But constant monitoring can put up the patient in stress of being dependent on doctors and prescriptions all around the clock. However, with the help of continuous glucose monitoring System the patient can now easily keep a check on his or her blood sugar levels.

So what is this new monitoring system?

The Glucose Monitoring System (CGM) provided by Glucose monitors the glucose levels in your blood stream all around the day and immediately sends you alerts if there is a rise or descend in your blood sugar levels. It keeps tracking the blood sugar, analyses and transfers it to data and sends you alerts, reports and data sheet about the changes in your blood sugar level.

How does it work?

The device is mainly meant for diabetic patients who are mostly at an age where handling technological devices can be difficult for them. Thus, the in-built features of the continuous glucose monitoring is quite simply and easy to use. There is a sensor wire that the user has to insert into the skin with the help of an automatic applicator.

There is patch that holds the sensor to help you track your glucose levels all throughout the day. The sensor keeps sending data into your smart phone or display device where you can see the data sheets.

You can also customize the device by linking it to your phone so that you can get alerts and updates. The device is painless and causes no discomfort, so you can now use it to cure your diabetic condition.


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